About Us



Jeremy has managed a large event rental company and seen its strengths and weaknesses. After several years away from the business, he envisioned a better way of doing business. He also enjoys providing special memories for his clients. "We manage each event as though it is our special day to shine. We want to ease the stress of our clients that are hosting a special event in their life." The Party In A Tent Partnership Program provides an easy way to get into the event rental business. With our training and continual support, a dedicated business partner will prosper with the Party In A Tent family.


Vice President; Director of Sales

Craig has started and grown several successful businesses, and he knows what it takes to make a company grow and prosper. After many years of friendship with Jeremy and seeing first-hand the growth of Party In A Tent, Craig said, "The rate of return of investing in this business model is huge. After several successful locations have tested the business model, the Party In A Tent Partnership Program is ready to go worldwide, adds Craig. Join our team and let's have fun, make money and provide a great service to your local community.